Project Organization

NEUROSENSE Work Packages

WP1 | Neuroendocrine SUDEP Prediction in animal models | Leader: CNRS

In the work package, the goal is to prove the concept of the 1st SUDEP biomarker in 2 SUDEP animal models (gene-targeted knock-out Scn1a+/- mice and DBA/1 mice), to demonstrate ISF as a suitable matrix for the assessment, to generate data to produce the predictive algorithm in WP3 and to establish new molecular/cellular targets for SUDEP preventive treatments.

WP2 | SUDEP Predictive Smart Biosensor (SPSB) Prototype | Leader: Karolinska

The objective of this work package is so design and develop the SUDEP Predictive Smart Biosensor, capable of detecting SUDEP predictive biomarkers in the ISF.

WP3 | CSRA algorithm as SUDEP predictor | Leader: Kinetikos

work package the main goal is to develop a SUDEP predictive algorithm and to create, optimize and validate machine learning models and protocols to support the successful translation of the algorithm to the clinical setting.

WP4 | CAESAR assessment in the clinical setting | Leader: FILADELFIA

The objective of this work package is to determine SUDEP biomarkers and its association with recognized SUDEP risk factors in people with epilepsy.

WP5 | Dissemination, Communication and Exploitation | Leader: BIOSTRIKE

This work package aims to ensure that the NEUROSENSE project has a high impact. To ensure this, we provide effective communication to the public and scientific community, disseminate to appropriate stakeholder groups, to obtain inputs, feedback and requirements from potential stakeholders (industry, end users) for the final integrated system.

WP6 | Project coordination and management | Leader: i3S

The objective of this work package is to ensure that the project meets its objectives within budget and scheduled timescales. Tasks will include monitoring project progress, tracking deliverables and reporting back to the Consortium.